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Idara Admin | November 17, 2022 | 260

What is Ultherapy?

As time goes by, we age. And no matter how many anti-aging treatments we use, time still catches up with our skin in the form of wrinkles and loose skin. Although surgery can fix most of these skin aging issues, getting a non-surgical option first would be alright. 

We introduce Ultherapy. A non-invasive procedure that enhances, lifts, and tightens loose skin on the face and other body parts.

An Ultherapy session will revitalize your body and make you look younger. And despite how widespread it is, many people aren’t aware of several important facts regarding Ultherapy before deciding whether to undergo surgery.

In today’s blog, Idara Aesthetics will discuss various aspects of Ultherapy to help you understand how this cutting-edge procedure works.

  1. Ultherapy Is Both Safe and Approved by the FDA.

Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved, non-invasive method for lifting and tightening skin on the neck, face, brows, and chest. Since its approval, many people have undertaken the procedure without fear that it may harm their skin.

  1. Ultherapy Is Neither a Laser nor a Facelift.

Ultherapy, which utilizes ultrasound technology rather than a laser, passes deep inside the skin tissue to lift and tighten the skin without leaving marks or scars.

  1. Ultherapy Is a One-Time Thing.

Unlike most rejuvenation treatments, Ultherapy works with just one session, around 60-90 minute appointment with Idara Aesthetics.

  1. See Ultherapy Results in a Matter of Months.

While results vary per patient, most patients report seeing the maximum improvement three months after receiving Ultherapy since it takes time for your body to produce collagen.

  1. Ultherapy Is Excellent for Mature Skin.

Ultherapy can help patients with wrinkles and lines on their face, neck, chest, or eyebrows, skin laxity, and sagging.

The Bottom Line

Ultherapy requires no preparation and is recommended for all skin types. If you think Ultherapy is the solution for your skincare problems, visit your nearest Idara Aesthetics clinic and schedule an appointment.