Functional cosmetics that help alleviate hair loss symptoms

Energy Volume Ampoule

Nutrient-rich scalp ampoule that fills up from the roots, healthily extracted the best moon juran originated from the clean nature of Jeju Rabbit Island's pure marmalade orchids.

Not a medicine for preventing or treating disease

Overall satisfaction rating

After 24 weeks use,

95.2 %

90.5 %

Instant cooling of heated scalp with Menthol

The cooling sensation immediately reduces scalp heat and regulates oil and moisture the maintain balance.

Instant Cooling

Cooling sensation from Menthol.


Menthol provides a refreshing scent.

No more wash off

Root Farm Energy Volume Ampoule: Fast-absorbing and non-sticky formula – no need to wash off! Get the confidence you need.

3 Simple steps to use

Growing long hair can feel like a slow process, but it doesn't have to be complicated. With our 3 easy steps, you'll be well on your way to hair growth goals in no time. Get ready to ditch the split ends and embrace your hair's full potential!

1. Cleaning

Clean your scalp thoroughly with shampoo and dry it at least 70%.

2. Shake

Shake the product well before use.

3. Apply

Apply an appropriate amount evenlyto the scalp.

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Frequently Asked Questions


If I apply the ampoule, won't my hair get greasy?


Don't worry 🙂 Root Farm Energy Volume Ampoule has a refreshing formula that is absorbed quickly without leaving a sticky residue, and the addition of menthol provides refreshing feeling when using it!


I have a slightly sensitive scalp. Is it okay to use it?


Rooe Farm Energy Volume Ampoule is made up of mild ingredients, including extracts of 22 herbal ingredients and 8 green food extracts, so even customers with sensitive scalps can use it without worry!


Is it okay for people with hair loss to use it?


Root Farm Energy Volume Ampoule is a functional cosmetic that relieves hair loss symptoms! Even those with hair loss can use it with confidence!


Is it okay for pregnant women or children to use it?


Basically, anyone over the age 14 can use it. As a result of clinical trials, It was confirmed that there were no special side effects on the human body. However, as there may be differences from person to person, If you have ever experienced allergic symptoms, please consult a doctor or pharmacist before use!

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