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What is Jawtox?

  • Jawtox is a jaw contouring procedure thru botox injections. Results include a more relaxed “v-shape” facial structure, contoured/ prominent jaw line, and lifted skin at the same time.
  • Jawline slimming or masseters reduction for cosmetic purposes – is a simple yet effective procedure that involves the injection of the neurotoxin botulinum into the large masseter muscles to create a slim and more feminine jawline.

What to expect?

  • It's typical to have redness, tenderness, and swelling. These side effects usually disappear in 1 day. Bruising is also common. You can apply a pack of ice for relief.


  • Contour Face
  • V-shape Facial Structure
  • Slim and more feminine jawline.

Signs you’re a Jawtox Candidate

  • Patients who are grinding, clenching, and wearing out their teeth and need a lot of dental work, 
  • Patients who have frequent tension or migraine headaches, and 
  • Patients who do not like the shape of their face because of square or thick jaw line


  • Patients with neuromuscular diseases
  • Pregnant or Lactating mother
Recommended Sessions
60 minutes
Every 4 months1 Session

Treatment Procedures

 Facial Assessment & Mapping


 Treatment Proper

 Cleanup & Recovery

Perfectly paired with:

  • Tinted Sunblock
  • Neostrata Ultra Smoothening Cream

Post-treatment Care

  • Make sure to apply recommended products
  • Avoid sun exposure as much as possible