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What is Crystal White Underarm Whitening?
  • Effectively targets dark areas in underarm.
  • Is an intensive underarm whitening program that uses a four-step treatment per session that effectively targets dark areas.

What to expect

  • Tingling feeling with the eLight rejuvenation treatment


  • Lighter underarms
  • Lesser to no hair growth
  • Minimal to no more chicken skin

Signs you’re a Crystal White Underarm Whitening Candidate

  • Chicken skin
  • Dark underarms
  • Hairy underarms


  • Pregnant
  • Lactating
  • Waxed within 4 weeks
  • Plucked within 2 weeks
  • Chemical peel within 4 weeks
  • Sunburnt
  • Open wounds
  • Active allergies
  • Prone to seizures
  • Cold sores / blisters

Recommended Sessions
30 minutes
3-4 weeks interval5-10 sessions

Treatment Procedures




 Whitening Mask

 Diamond Peel

 eLight IPL/Diode/NDyag

Post-treatment Care

  • No deodorant for at least 12 to 24 hours
  • Avoid getting the area wet for 12 hours