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Idara Admin | November 17, 2022 | 215

Unhealthy Skincare Routines

Do you pop your pimples? I feel you! Popping pimples are addicting. And in most situations, it becomes a habit. You see, having habits is normal. Everyone has habits. But when these habits develop into the worst and take a toll on your skin health—you need to draw the line.

Bad skincare habits, like bad habits in general, are difficult to quit. We've all been there, so don't worry. It's never too late to change those bad habits. Idara Aesthetics is ready to help you prevent unhealthy skincare habits.

Bad Skincare Habit: Picking at Pimples

If you think popping your pimples is the quickest way to get rid of them, that’s where you’re wrong. It does the opposite. When you pop your pimples, it excretes gooey stuff that contains bacteria and oil. This gooey stuff pushes bacteria deeper into your skin, causing more to appear.

Bad Skincare Habit: Rubbing Your Eyes

When something gets in your eyes, and you can't help but rub them—the skin around your eyes stretches, causing lines to appear. Additionally, rubbing your eyes can cause various eye infections. Rub at your own risk!

Bad Skincare Habit: Not Getting Enough Sleep

Remember the term “beauty sleep?” Catch up to those zzz's because sleeping is how our body recovers and repairs itself. Sleeping helps our bodies produce new collagen and boosts blood flow to maintain a healthy appearance.

Bad Skincare Habit: Leaving Your Make-Up at Night

Do you crash into bed with your makeup on from a long day? Don’t. Sleeping with your makeup on can do significant harm to your skin.

Bad Skincare Habit: Using Too Many Products

To give our skin the finest care it deserves, we sometimes use more products than necessary, which might cause more damage than good. It's best to follow a simple skincare routine, using fewer but effective products.

The Bottom Line

Have you ever broken a bad skincare habit, or do you need help to break some of them? We at Idara Aesthetics are always willing to listen to your skincare issues, no matter how minor they may be.